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The Black Stadium
November 6, 2017
by Lorenzo Meloni
In the basements of what once was Raqqa’s football stadium, known as “The Black Stadium,” was a prison which held all the Islamic State members who broke the rules. Executions and severing of limbs were the punishments reserved for the rest of the citizens.

The writing on the walls of the cells explain the alleged reasons for the incarcerations:

“If you are reading this there’s four main reasons why you are Here!
1-You did the crime and caught Red Handed!
2-Using Tweeder (Twitter) GPS Locations! Or having GPS Locations switched upon turned ‘ON’ the Mobile Phone
3-Uploading videos and photos from a Sensitive Wifi internet source, i.e. You need your Amirs permission
4-A suspect! Off the street! The Police have good reason to do this! It didn’t matter what you did or did not do, the ISIS police had “good reason” to bring you in.

Be Patience, Be Patience, Be Patience! The Enemy of the Muslims, Sataan will do every Whispering while …. Trust in Allah and lots of remembering of Allah, Dua (prayers) to Allah!”

The prisoners used tally marks on the walls to measure time, and it seems that most sentences typically lasted between 50 and 100 days.
They drew symbols of Islamic State propaganda but also Western-style houses and names of their cities and areas of origin, almost as if they missed home.
The writings and the pictures on the walls of isolation and torture chambers become delusional and confused.

Many of the prisoners were foreign, with writings in English, French and Russian.
One of the main roles of the Islamic State foreign fighters was, and still is, to make propaganda videos directed to their countries of origin and transmitted via the Islamic State channels.

After some research, photographer Lorenzo Meloni has possibly identified the faces of some of the alleged prisoners: for example Abu al Saeed Al Britani (the British) who invited the British to participate in the jihad in Syria in the Message of the Mujahid video; or Abu Julaybib al Faransi (the French) who celebrated the attacks in Paris in a video by threatening "we have terrorized them in the heart of France: in Paris itself!”

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