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Carolyn Drake
b. USA, 1971 (Associate)
Great Salt Lake, located in northern Utah, is the western hemisphere’s largest salt water lake.
The lake’s water level has dropped almost 50% since the mid 19th century and with the decrease in volume, the salinity levels have increased - water in the north part of the lake is eight times saltier than the ocean. An important stop for migrating birds, both ecologists and hunters are worried that t Read full story
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Jan 30, 2018
Around midnight on June 8, 2009, Laura S. and three friends were stopped near Pharr, Texas for a minor traffic infraction. The officer asked for immigration papers, but only Laura’s cousin was able to produce them. Laura spent the next six hours in custody, begging various immigration officials to let her stay. She repeatedly explained that her ex-boyfriend, Sergio H., lived in Mexico, he had previously... More...
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Dec 4, 2017
Kakuma, located in Kenya, is the largest and oldest refugee camp in the world. Established in 1991, the camp is home to 150,000 people who’ve fled their native countries of Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and more recently, South Sudan.
Inhabitants receive basic food and lodging allowances but those with better means have established small businesses... More...
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Jul 12, 2017
Almost exactly one month after the election of Donald Trump, Magnum photographer Carolyn Drake took a road trip from San Diego to El Paso. A few weeks later, she embarked on another trip spanning Texas' southern border.
The series of photographs explore real lives, landscapes, and visual cliches about the U.S. border with Mexico. The work is a snapshot of a moment in time immediately ahead of an uncertain... More...
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Apr 7, 2017
Jonathan Namauleg, a mentally impaired Hawaii inmate at Saguaro Correctional Center in Arizona, was strangled in prison in August in 2015. His mother, step father (Joe) and siblings (Leonard in black shirt, Matua in red shirt, and Maisa in pink shirt) now live in Antioch, California. Arlene Takai, Jonathan's mother, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against CoreCivic, the company running the prison.... More...
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Apr 7, 2017
Founded in 1997, Netflix has grown from a DVD rental site to a $47 billion streaming service, signaling that the future of television may be online. After the initial success of its first original series House of Cards in 2013, the production of original content continues to drive the company’s growth.
In March 2017, Carolyn Drake photographed Netflix's headquarters in Los Gatos, California.

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