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Mar 22 - Apr 30 2018.
Self-Portraits and Night Journeys is the first solo UK exhibition by French photographer, Antoine d’Agata in 10 years. Drawing upon a series of self-portraits taken over a 30-year period and recent work made in Mexico, the exhibition will demonstrate the performative and transgressive aspects of d’Agata’s work, alongside his continued exploration of the self.

“It's not how photographers look at the world that is important,...View details
Artist Talk
Mar 15 - Mar 15 2018.
March 2018 will mark ten years since the death of acclaimed Magnum photojournalist Philip Jones Griffiths. His work stands as an irreplaceable document of the latter half of the 20th century, and he is best known for his landmark book, Vietnam Inc., which had a major impact on the public perception of the Vietnam War. Noam Chomsky observed of Vietnam Inc.: “If anybody in Washington had read that book,......
Mar 17 - Mar 20 2018.
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Magnum Photos, and to celebrate the community of photographers of which he is a part, Magnum Photographer Martin Parr curated a selection of the print swops from which David Hurn has built an extraordinary collection.

“In 1958, a chance encounter in Trafalgar Square affected my future life. I was photographing the pigeons. Another photographer, Sergio Larrain,......
Feb 5 - Apr 27 2018.
Women photographers of Magnum Photos, a project by Susan Meiselas

True to the collective spirit of a cooperative such as Magnum, Susan Meiselas has transformed a monographic exhibition at the Magnum Paris gallery into an open invitation to all the women Magnum photographers.

The exhibition aims to bring together the work of the different generations of female Magnum photographers, inspired by the......
Mar 11 - May 27 2018.
An exhibition of Martin Parr’s travel and holiday documentary photographs opens in Germany

"Martin Parr is a chronicler of our age. In the face of the constantly growing flood of images released by the media, his photographs offer us the opportunity to see the world from his unique perspective. At first glance, his photographs seem exaggerated or even grotesque. The motifs he chooses are strange,......
Mar 21 - Sep 23 2018.
A career-spanning retrospective of Josef Koudelka’s work opens in the city he exiled himself from decades ago

The retrospective exhibition commemorates the 80th birthday of the distinguished Czech photographer and provides a cross section of his entire oeuvre. About 400 works which he donated to this museum form the backbone of the exhibition. Complementing it will be loans from the Magnum Photo agency......
Mar 8 - Jun 17 2018.
The career-spanning retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson opens in Ancona

The exhibition, curated by Robert Delpire, is a choice of 133 photographs, presenting Henri Cartier-Bressons poetic photographs from his early surrealist period, his documentary work from the Paris resistance movement as well as series and photographs from his travels of the 60s and 70s.

“The photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson......