Magnum Photos Event
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by Magnum Photographers


Sep 28 - Nov 26 2017


Hunter College Art Galleries

695 Park Ave

New York, NY 10065


A new exhibition explores how the theme of community has been central to Magnum since its founding in 1947.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Magnum agency, the Hunter College Art Galleries presents Framing Community, Magnum Photos, 1947-now. Professor Maria Antonella Pelizzari and her students have curated an exhibition focused on the history of the agency and its deep engagement with the notion of community.

As an organization brought to live by its different members, Magnum is in itself a community of photographers. While the interaction of these various personalities has contributed to challenge and transform the agency inside its walls, their cameras have been turned continuously on humans, their families and broader communities, making photographic practice at the heart of a social exchange.

The exhibition Framing Community, Magnum Photos, 1947-now highlights the core values of the agency and underscores its internal structure. It features works from 17 Magnum members, from David Seymour to Bieke Depoorter.