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Magnum Photos 2017 Annual General Meeting

Magnum’s Annual General meeting for 2017 witnessed internal discussion and events celebrating the agency’s 70th anniversary.

The AGM brings together Magnum photographers, photographer estates and the agency’s international staff to discuss company business and vote on potential new members, associates and nominees.

This year’s AGM took place in New York City, alongside a diverse program of anniversary activity including the exhibition ‘Magnum Manifesto’ at the International Center of Photography. Meetings were held at Neuehouse Madison Square and included presentations by Sony Digital Imaging and external speakers.

The assembly marked the first meeting since Magnum announced it will take outside investment for the first time in its 70 year history. The AGM agenda focused on the agency’s growth, content creation and digital future. Nicole Junkermann, one of two new investors, joined the Magnum community in New York.

The official 70th anniversary party, held at The Museum of Modern Art, brought Magnum back to where it was founded in 1947. The reception was attended by Magnum photographers including early members Elliott Erwitt and Bruce Davidson and included a special Magnum anniversary presentation by Samsung’s new device, ‘The Frame’.

During the AGM, the following motions were passed:

Matt Black becomes an Associate

Carolyn Drake becomes an Associate

Newsha Tavakolian becomes an Associate

Magnum also welcomes three new photographers who join as Magnum Nominees:

Enri Canaj (Albania)

Emin Ozmen (Turkey)

Cristina de Middel (Spain)

After three and a half years, Martin Parr steps down as Magnum Photos President and will be replaced by Thomas Dworzak. Magnum welcomes new regional Vice Presidents Paolo Pellegrin for New York, Olivia Arthur for London, Mark Power for Tokyo and Jerome Sessini for Paris.

Thomas Dworzak, newly elected President of Magnum Photos said:

“It’s a great honour to be elected President in Magnum’s 70th year. We have had an extremely productive AGM and we continue to look ahead with the acceptance of three exciting new photographers, whom we look forward to working with this year.”

David Kogan, Chief Executive of Magnum Photos said:

“We’ve had an extremely successful, forward-thinking AGM complemented by a fantastic program of anniversary events celebrating both our heritage and contemporary contribution to photography. This AGM marked a new beginning for Magnum Photos and we look forward to implementing the plan in due course.”