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Beyond Sochi / Signed
Thomas Dworzak

$ 75.00

Format: Box Set of 15 maps (66x50cm unfolded) and text booklet (72 pages)
Publisher: Editions Seriti, 2014
Edition: 1,000 Copies
ISBN: 978-2-9547933-0-6
"Beyond Sochi" is a publication born out of photographer Thomas Dworzak and writer William Dunbar's exploration of Sochi against the backdrop of the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. What began as a National Geographic commission in 2012 became an ebook and an unconventionally packaged version of Dworzak and Dunbar's exploration of the region's complexities: The games as Putin's pet project, the forgotten Circassian Genocide, the Islamic terror threat, revival of aggressive Russian nationalism, the occupied Georgian territory of Abkhazia, hundreds of thousands of Georgian IDPs, etc.  Published just days before the opening ceremonies, "Beyond Sochi" both sets the table for a story and is a story in itself.

Thomas Dworzak, born 1972 in Bavaria, Germany, has been living and photographing on and off in the Caucasus since 1993. He has been a photographer with Magnum Photos since 2000. This has been his first assignment for National Geographic.

William Dunbar, born 1983 in London, is a Georgia-based writer and journalist who has been living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the past eight years.

Marie Lan, born 1983 in France, is both a designer and a publisher. She created Les Éditions Seriti in 2011, with the desire to conceive books with a sensitive and uncompromising approach. Since 2013, she is associated with the photographer Olli Bery.