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Jan 20, 2017
by Magnum Photographers
At noon on Friday, January 20th Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. With the American population still divided in their feelings toward Trump, he takes office as one of the least popular incoming Presidents in history.
Hundreds of thousands of people have traveled to Washington, DC, some to welcome the incoming President and others to voice opposition to his rhetoric... More...
From the Archive
Jan 20, 2017
by Magnum Photographers
American Civil Rights icon and long time US Congressman from Georgia John Lewis has been embroiled in an public feud with President Elect Donald Trump. Lewis has questioned the legitimacy of Trump's election and attacked his proposed policies. He has also expressed his determination in fighting the incoming administration on a series of fronts. Though 76 years old, Lewis is still quite active as a... More...
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Jan 20, 2017
by George Rodger
The Series I Land Rover used by George and Jinx Rodger in the 1950s during their travels in Africa, was supposed to be lost for about 30 years – until the vehicle was found in a barn in Australia in 2016 by Land Rover restoration specialists David & Janelle D'Arcy.
In 1957, George and Jinx Rodger started out with “Msuri” (Swahili for “very good”) for more than 3 month on a 4000 miles long Trans-Sahara... More...
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Jan 20, 2017
by Matt Stuart
Matt Stuart visited Brittany on November 2016, where he photographed the training of future French Army “réservistes”. The Réserve was created in the mid XIXth century by Napoléon III and was thoroughly reorganized during the 1990s. Today the Réserve is composed of volunteers (civilians, former military men,..) that are trained and mobilized from 5 up to 30 days per year, depending on the needs of... More...
Dec 23, 2016
17th March– 23rd March 2017

Magnum Photos is delighted to announce the next 7-day Photography workshop in Tokyo, led by Magnum photographers Moises Saman, Newsha Tavakolian and Matt Stuart with the support of the Nippon Photography Institute.

The event will take place at the Nippon Photography Institute located in heart of Tokyo, in Shibuya.
Nippon Photography Institute (NPI) has more than 40 years... More...
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Jan 16, 2017
by John Vink
Once upon a time, snowfall was abundant in the Alps. Villagers were mostly confined to their home during the long winter months and local economy of the Alps came to standstill. In the 1930’s well-off tourists ventured to the higher valleys and started tracing tracks on the virgin slopes with skis. A mainly luxurious infrastructure was set up little by little. Mountain tourism during the winter was... More...
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Jan 16, 2017
by Jacob Aue Sobol
“With and Without You” is a tribute to Sobol's father who died when he was 20 years old. Printed on his 40th birthday it contains highlights of all the work he created the last two decades, which his father never got to see.

Format: Hardcover
Size: 25 x19 cm
Pages: 224
Publisher; Super Labo, 2016

Click Here to access the images for licensing request.... More...