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Nov 6, 2012
by Magnum Group
Postcards from America: Chapters 1, 2 & 3
Magnum Print Room, London EC1V 3RS
Opens 14 November 2012

The Rochester Portfolio, Archive Box and Catalogue Launch
Magnum Gallery Stand, Paris Photo, Grand Palais, Paris, 14 November 2012

Taking Back the Agenda

As the traditional support systems for producing photo documentary... More...
Sep 17, 2012
Today marks the one year anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park -- the epicenter of the Occupy movement. More than just a large-scale political and economic protest, Occupy Wall Street turned into a social phenomenon, attracting marginalized individuals from all over the country who made phrases like, "We are the 99 percent" part of America's everyday vernacular. Several of our photographers... More...
Sep 6, 2012
by Thomas Dworzak
In 2004 Barack Obama, who speaks tonight at the Democratic National Convention, was just an Illinois State Senator making one last run at the big time – and a Senate seat—following a failed Congressional run. Back then, Magnum Photographer Thomas Dworzak trailed a young, self-possessed pol to some featureless rooms during that Senate campaign, long before he was surrounded by Secret Service agents... More...
Sep 4, 2012
On the site of 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre on the present-day Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a very simple non-funded museum celebrates the Sioux war chiefs and remembers the men, women and children who were gunned down by the Seventh Cavalry, and whose remains lie buried in a mass grave nearby. The writing on the wall is a stark reminder of local sentiment.
Wounded Knee Massacre Site, Pine Ridge Indian... More...
Aug 31, 2012
Family Photo Album in ghost town.
South Dakota contains approximately 100 ghost towns, most of which were established in the early cowboy era and represent the current de-population of the state. Ardmore was founded in 1889 and is composed today of approximately 30 abanonded homes and stores. Among its former residents was outlaw and horse thief, Don Middleton

To view Larry Towell's complete Cowboys... More...
Aug 29, 2012
First Nations people were excellent horsemen in battle and hunting. When the West fell into the hands of cattle ranchers, some Indians learned cowboy skills and eventually competed in rodeos. Fifty years ago this year, the Crow Reserve launched the world’s first all Indian Rodeo.

To view Larry Towell's complete Cowboys 'n' Indians posts, please click on "blog" then "Looking For America." More...
Aug 27, 2012
Larry’s suitcase photographed on rental car at Crow Indian Reservation pow wow. Montana, August 2012.

Audio track of Tom Wilson singing and performing “Movin’ On” on his harmonica at the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Lewistown, Wyoming, August 16 – 19. The purpose of the gathering is "to preserve and celebrate the history, heritage and values of the American cowboy.” Tom Wilson is “more-or-less... More...