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Magnum Showcase in association with IdeasTap
December 31, 2013
Corinna Kern is the latest photographer to win our Magnum Showcase competition, in association with IdeasTap.

Kern's work explores the concept of home within London’s squatting scene. She says "What might commonly be perceived as a shelter for the homeless or poor is often a conscious choice – an alternative and communal way of living, especially desired by young generations. By becoming part of the squatting community, I embarked on a personal journey through which I discovered homes that extend far beyond a physical existence. From derelict warehouses to design studios, from garden centres to fabric storehouses, each place has gained its own vibe of the people and their lifestyle – and with them a sense of home."

Kern's work was chosen by Tim Paton, Magnum London's Advertising and Corporate Manager. He said of her work; "Corinna has photographed a subject that has been done many times before…London's Squatting Scene. But instead of making it look miserable there is a real sense of fun and creative energy about her pictures. She has connected really well with her subjects. I get the feeling that she really understands these people and their community.

Photographically these pictures are great. Corinna has a good sense of using daylight and not over thinking the composition. It all feels very natural which is hard to achieve.

It's great that all the images have the same look and feel and are also the same format. Its also interesting to note that each image works well as a single image. This is important in the commercial world as most advertising relies on getting the message over in a single image, the photographer very rarely has the luxury of telling a full story."

See Kern's work here

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