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Shanghai Masterclass with Magnum Photographer Patrick Zachmann
October 25, 2017
by Patrick Zachmann
Join Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann for a 5-day intensive workshop designed to develop your photographic skillset, in collaboration with Light Society.

Shanghai from November 27th – December 1st 2017, at the Fosun Art Centre

To celebrate Magnum’s 70th Anniversary, Patrick Zachmann will lead a 5 day workshop in Shanghai this November, in partnership with Light Society.

Drawing on the agency’s long history of visual storytelling and photographic practice, Zachmann will share his unique perspective, knowledge and industry advice.

Over the course of five days, the workshop will include a daily programme of shooting, mentoring, lectures, group critiques, and editing sessions, culminating in a final folio of work to be completed by each participant. The programme aims to enable students to develop their ideas and concepts, while also refining their technical skills and approach.

"I believe that when one gains professional experience and artistic practice during several years, to pass on a little bit of know-how is a way to allow young photographers to get what one has taken and learned from others" - Patrick Zachmann


The masterclass will be held in Shanghai from November 27th – December 1st at the Fosun Art Centre.

Limited to 12 students, the workshop is open to participants worldwide that have intermediate to experienced levels of practice. Students must have a good knowledge of their cameras and be able to bring 15-20 photographs to class for review (jpeg or prints) by Patrick Zachmann. Students will be asked to bring their own laptop and cameras along with a USB stick.

Please note: Only digital work will be reviewed during the course. The workshop will be taught in English with local language translation provided.

Before starting the course, students are encouraged to prepare several story ideas so that the emphasis is placed on building storytelling principles and development of student’s visual language skills.


As a freelance photographer since 1976 and a member of Magnum Photos since 1990, Patrick Zachmann has dedicated himself to long-term works, books, and films, all dealing with the themes of memory, identities, and immigration.

Zachmann has been shooting in China for more than 30 years, has exhibited across the world and received many awards honoring his long-term projects and contribution to photography.


Participants are required to submit;
- An up to date resume
- 200 – 500 words about your proposed project (what is it about, what you hope to achieve etc.)
- 10 images (requirements: no more than 3MB, JPEG format, in accordance with the order number, picture name format "01_ name" and so on);
- Digital camera and relevant supporting equipment

For further details and to apply, click here