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New Reveals in Pompeii
October 30, 2018
by Patrick Zachmann
For the first time since 1946, large scale excavation have recently started in Pompeii.
Two prestigious dwellings with precious decorations have been brought to light, and redefine the urban space in Regio V of Pompeii, thanks to maintenance and stabilisation works on the excavation fronts overseen by the Great Pompeii Project.
Re-emerging in their entirety from the lapilli, and with different furnishings, are the House with the Garden, with a beautiful frescoed portico and rooms decorated with lively megalographs, and the House of Jupiter, with First Style paintings and exceptional floor mosaics with unprecedented depictions.
Above all, a small charcoal graffiti "XVI K NOV" (meaning "the sixteenth day before the calends of November," alias October 17th.) is changing the history of one of the world's most famous archaeological sites and puts an end to an old quarrel between scholars about the exact date when Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the city.

Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann has documented those exclusive discoveries, and will follow the progress of the excavations until next spring.

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