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Notre-Dame Reconstruction
November 5, 2019
by Patrick Zachmann
Since the devastating April 15th fire, Notre-Dame Cathedral has been undergoing a vast operation to assess the damages and rebuild the structure. A wide range of authorities with different levels of expertise have been mobilized to participate in the effort, including stonemasons, carpenters, rope access technicians, and scaffold-engineers. All have been working under the tight deadline set by President Emmanuel Macron to rebuild the Cathedral within five years.
The fire has also given way to unprecedented information about the building’s characteristics and materials, prompting the French National Center for Scientific Research to undertake a field study with scientists and researchers from six institutions. Architects aim to use as many original materials as possible to restore the Cathedral.
Magnum Photographer Patrick Zachmann has been documenting the construction site, providing insight into the recovery efforts to save the Cathedral.

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