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January 9, 2019
by Bieke Depoorter
Bieke Depoorter invariably questions her own position as a photographer and outsider. The night and the moments when no one seems to be watching remain her field of interest, but collaboration and dialogue are now paramount.
On 2017, she met Agata in a striptease bar in Paris. It’s the beginning of a complex relationship where both the photographer and the subject become contributors to the narrative, with the photographic medium as key of dialogue.
Exposed at FOMU among other four of her projects, Depoorter work is accompanied by Agata’s written words on the walls of the exhibition, extracts of letters Agata previously wrote to the photographer, added with newly written text.
Agata says: "Just through your presence, you let me explore myself, you let me be inspired. One time, I called you my psychoanalyst. Your camera is a mirror in which we both look at ourselves. You reveal very little about yourself but I do not expect you to give me more than you want to. I trust you. We go around in the night, step by step, every time closer to one another and further in our project. I follow you as you follow me."
“You are using me to tell those stories about reality and truth. You project something of yourself through me and I am using you to enact those versions of myself.”
“I will give you myself, you will wrap it with Bieke and, I believe, something beautiful can be created.”

"Agata" is a work in progress which Depoorter and Agata are continuing onward.

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