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Bieke Depoorter Wins Prix Levallois 2017

July 19, 2017
by Bieke Depoorter
As it may be / Mumkin by Bieke Depoorter has received the "Prix Levallois" award for the edition 2017.
"Since the beginning of the revolution in 2011, during several key moments in the uprising, I travelled to Egypt regularly. Trying to find trust in times of turmoil and suspicion, where private life is often shielded. I asked people I met by chance if I could spend the night at their homes. This way I entered in the intimacy of the family. Women, their husbands and children shared their daily life, their food and even their bed with me. This engagement is truly important to me. Nevertheless, the consciousness of my status as an outsider, both culturally and as a photographer started to grow. After five years and almost finalizing the book, I started to question the results. How to deal with the Western view that is often imposed in photography? How can I talk in a meaningful way about the complexity of the country? I went back with a dummy of the new book to open a dialogue with more Egyptians from all ages, opinions and religions to give them a voice. A fascinating conversation arose on the pictures, between people who would often not talk to each other. People that would never agree to be photographed are now also included in the work." Bieke Depoorter

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