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Alex Majoli Masterclass 2015
March 5, 2015
by Alex Majoli
The masterclass by Alex Majoli and Daria Birang is a photography course to develop a personal photo project from the very beginning with the aim to finalizing it for publication, exhibition or into any form desired by the student or suitable for the project.

This matersclass is about resetting , rethinking, reengaging with photography. Content and artistic autonomy are at the base of Alex Majoli’s teachings. The importance of the individual as a photographer, his history, experiences and background are all related to the way the photographer will take a picture.

The course starts with very personal conversations between Majoli and the student which will be the beginning of an intensive six month to a year project. Daria will be hands on in the editing part of the project and will help pursue a storyline combining certain photos and sequencing. Together they will lead you through the whole process ending with another week to finalize the project.


The masterclass is divided in two workshops, both in 6 consecutive days, by the end of first class Alex Majoli will advise every student how to proceed their project. In the following months each student will have private sessions with Alex Majoli and Daria Birang through Skype, email, and phone calls (depending on availability) in which they will give recommendations and advice on how to develop the project to not only achieve the best results for the proposed project, but mainly for the development of one’s own artistic vision in order to maintain a lasting quality. The second week of the workshop will take place when the students enrolled have reached a satisfactory stage of development of their chosen projects. During this second week, all the students will show their progress to the whole class and will finalize their projects by the end of the masterclass.

The purpose of the course is to nurture and feed each student’s unique photographic vision and develop it.


Students can apply by sending their portfolios to

Portfolio in PDF file with no more than 20 to 30 jpg images.
All files should be sent in a zip. folder with no more than 10MB size.

Applicants will be accepted mainly according to the quality of their work.

TEACHERS: Alex Majoli / Magnum Photos - Daria Birang / Art Director
DURATION: 2 sessions x 6 days

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