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Alex Majoli Masterclass
July 5, 2012
by Alex Majoli
Alex Majoli’s masterclass requires students to start with introducing themselves through their photographic projects.

Over the course of 6 days the focus will be on how each student’s visual language can be improved, mainly by critiquing, shooting, editing and sequencing. Also content and artistic autonomy are basic topics in Alex Majoli’s teachings.

The importance of the individual as a photographer, his history, experiences and background are all related to the way the photographer will take a picture. The goal of the masterclass is to nurture and feed each student own unique photographic vision as much as possible.

The masterclass is divided into two workshops, one in summer and one in spring, both in 6 consecutive days. By the end of the first class (summer) Alex Majoli will advice every student how to proceed with their project. In the following 6 months each student will have private sessions with Alex Majoli through skype, email, phone, etc., (according to his available time) in which he will advice on how to develop the project to not only achieve the best results for the proposed project, but mainly for the development of one´s own artistic vision in order to maintain a lasting quality.

During the second session, all the students shall show their progress to all the class and shall be able to finalize their projects by the end of the Masterclass. Students can apply by sending their portfolios to

Applicants will be accepted mainly according to the quality of their work.

TEACHER: Alex Majoli / Magnum Photos
DURATION: 2 x 6 days
1st session: September 17/22, 2012
2nd session: March 28 - April 02, 2013
h. 9.00/13.00 - 14.00/18.00

Students will attend both sessions. Between both summer and spring sessions of the workshop, the course provides an additional tutor sessions with Alex Majoli (according to his available time) in which progress, development, steps to be taken and other advice necessary for the advancement of the project will be discussed.

Via del Campo Sportivo 6
29010 Pianello Val Tidone (PC), Italy
1 hour by car from Milan
1,5 hour by train or bus from Milan
30 min. by bus from Piacenza

Send an e-mail to with portfolio and application form attached.

Portfolio in PDF file with no more than 20 to 30 jpg images.
All files should be sent in a zip. folder with no more than 10MB size.

Applications should be submitted until 1st September 2012.
The first entries will be the ones selected.

The course will be held in English. Translation to Italian if needed will be available. (Ask before the application).

A selection of your work is essential to present to the teacher and your fellow students at the start of the workshop. Make sure you have your work ready for presentation. (jpgs files in low res. 2000 pixel width 72dpi in case of digital portfolio)

It will be very useful for the teacher in order to evaluate your photographic level and determine what steps you have made by the end of the workshop.

Bring at least 2 literary books that you love and 2 of your favorite films.

Students should also bring their own laptop and photographic equipment.

For any technical or practical problem, Cesuralab staff will help.

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