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November 6, 2018
by Mark Power
“TERRE à L’AMENDE” a new exhibition by Magnum Photographer Mark Power specially commissioned by Guernsey Photography Festival and Guernsey Museums.

“Known for its beach resorts and coastal cliffs, substantial tax perks and occupation by German forces during the Second World War, Guernsey markets itself as an idyllic holiday destination. However, if one looks carefully, it's not difficult to see what might lie beneath. During countless long walks to and fro across the island I’ve tried to create a contrary vision, one of an uneasy, unsettling place where all might not be as it seems. In many ways the work is less about Guernsey and more about how we make pictures. If a photographer is commissioned by a Tourist Board to create a picture postcard he or she will inevitably choose the right location, the right viewpoint, the right weather, the right time of day before finally pressing the button. In so doing they are editing out a large percentage of the rest, which is neither seen nor shown. I’ve simply worked at the other end of the same spectrum,
intentionally revealing the opposite viewpoint and suppressing the rest. In so doing I’ve described Guernsey with as little veracity as a picture postcard. Or maybe not..." - Mark Power

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