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Invisible Walls. Eleven Voices of Belfast

December 4, 2019
by Antoine d' Agata
A key part of the Brexit negotiations has been the border that separates Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The history of the conflict between the two sides has been awakened in the last months and
he worldwide attention has been focused on this contested line that separate them, bringing back tensions and consequent questions. The city of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital, has been one of the theaters of the History of this conflict. But its parliament, Stormont, has now passed its 1000days being locked and the uncertainty of Brexit, with the options of the Good Friday agreement, leave the city and the people in a political and economic limbo. Amongst this context and questions, Antoine d’Agata has traveled to Belfast to find a portrait of the city and its conflicts. He encountered and interviewed eleven individuals living in the city who, without being photographed, emerge in this context as eleven symbolic and invisibles characters of d'Agata survey.

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