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News Commentator Sean Hannity
December 18, 2017
by Peter van Agtmael
In the past, Fox News broadcaster Sean Hannity had said that he wasn’t a journalist but, more recently referred to himself as an “opinion journalist.” He’s been on the radio for 30 years and TV for 23. Popular with the right, his daily radio program, “The Sean Hannity Show”, reaches 13.5 million Americans and generates 1,000 call-ins per line, per minute. Hannity’s message is fiercely pro-Trump and constantly in opposition to the mainstream media, which he says is biased and corrupt. Regardless of the subject or damning evidence against Trump, conservative leaders and institutions, Hannity always finds a way to demonize the opposition and further force the divide between the left and right in America.
Peter van Agtmael recently photographed Hannity during a taping of his radio show and in his hometown of Franklin Square, Long Island.

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