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Raymond Depardon: La Terre des paysans
July 8, 2016
by Raymond Depardon
Centre Culturel Juliobona, Lillebonne (France), presents from September 14 to December 10, 2016 the exhibition “Farmer’s Earth” by Raymond Depardon.

Raymond Depardon’s obsession with his parents’ farm and his feeling of having abandoned it is implicit in his early work as a photographer and film-maker travelling around the world.
With the publication of La Ferme du Garet in 1995, he at long last explores his roots and origins, and feels free enough to envisage a film project about rural life in the French highlands over a ten years period. This subsequently gave birth to the Profils Paysans trilogy with L’approche in 2000, Le quotidien in 2005 and La vie moderne in 2008. At the same time he continued to photograph in black and white and then in colour.

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