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Gilets Jaunes Protest.
November 27, 2018
by Jean Gaumy
For eight consecutive days, the "Gilets Jaunes" ( "yellow vests" ), so-called after the high-visibility jackets, blocked roads across France in protest at rising taxes on diesel and petrol, which the government says are to fund eco-friendly projects and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The majority of this pop-up movement are struggling families and workers, many of them from France's rural areas or the run-down suburbs that ring its major cities.
After calls have gone out on social media, demonstrations were staged around in the country. Roadblocks were set up to slow down traffic. Some motorway toll booths were taken over to let vehicles through. Leaders had announced that the campaign will continue. In a country where protests are often tightly managed by one political party or trade union, this is a movement with no recognised national leader, no formal structure or affiliation, which unites voters of all ages, from the far-left, the far-right, even those who once supported President Macron.
Magnum photographer Jean Gaumy photographed the protests in Normandy.

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