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Caspian Holiday
October 23, 2017
by Newsha Tavakolian
Iran's Caspian sea region has long been the main destination for Iranian families in search for sun, beaches and fun. There are resorts all along across the crescent moon shaped coast line, but most people rent local houses near the beach.

But, sun and fun in the Islamic republic comes with rules. There are no clubs and bars, alcohol is illegal, as is walking around in bikinis. All women in Iran are obligated to cover up and the lush beaches of the Caspian are no exception. Women can only wear bathing suits in special, walled-off sections of the beaches, where men are forbidden to enter. If women want to go in the water anywhere else they have to go in fully dressed.

Despite the restrictions, Iranians from across the country flock to its beaches, and for those seeking to cool off, the green mountains embracing the sea offers respite. Over the years cable cars have been built, and paintball venues, quad tracks and entertainment halls opened. Waterskiing and jet skiing are also possible.

In summer though, it gets really hot and humid, making the beaches only accessible in the late afternoon. Spring and Autumn is when the region really comes to life.

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