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Magnum Workshop with Jean Gaumy in Fécamp, Normandy
July 3, 2015
by Jean Gaumy
Magnum Photos invites you to enter the creative process of one of our leading photographers, Jean Gaumy, during an unique six-day workshop in his adopted hometown of Fécamp, Normandy.

From 29 September to 4 October, when he will be finishing one of his current photographic projects on the high cliffs of Normandy, Jean Gaumy will guide a group of 9 serious photographers during an intensive daily program including shooting, critics group sessions and editing. The selection of participants will be made by Jean Gaumy itself according to their level of practice and understanding of photography.

The cliffs of Fécamp and Etretat will be the shooting sessions’ backdrop. A sea trip aboard a dinghy is scheduled on the first day, in order to understand better the scope of work. The city of Fécamp and its port can also be, secondarily, one of the possible themes.

It will be proposed to participants to:
- Work with the assistance of the photographer by group of 2 or 3 in different geographic points.
- Analyze in small groups and collectively the photographs taken each day.
- Improve methods of images ranking
- Perfect the crucial steps that are editing and sequencing images

Course dates have been set according to the tides. During this week, it will be very high tides - scarcely less strong than the "tide of the century" of the new year - but much more favorable period for the visual work. You will enter in the universe of the photographer for whom nature, apprehended through a "contemplative" approach, plays a key role.

This is the opportunity to develop a personal photographic approach while referring to the working methods of Jean Gaumy: timing, observation, desire and capacity to receive what is offered by the surrounding nature.

A true collaboration with our photographer, this is a field experience which should allow you to affirm and refine your own visual language, as well as enrich new bases and new methods.

During an evening, Jean Gaumy will present some of his work and will talk about his influences, which forged his photographic style. This will be mostly a way for each participant to question its own sources of influence and inspiration.

The photographic world of the workshop is closely related to the book released by Jean Gaumy, D'Après Nature (Editions Xavier Barral, 2010): the black and white photographs reveal the fascination of this unique nature photographer. A poetic and mystical immersion in the heart of mineral landscapes of high mountain valleys of Piedmont.


This workshop is aimed at photographers with a curiosity or even better, an assertive motivation for landscape and contemplation.

Before enrolling in the workshop and to select trainees, participants will be asked to submit a portfolio of 10 to 15 photographs accompanied by text explaining their wishes and motivations for this course.

It is expected that participants a good level in photography, both technical and formal, functional equipment and realistic ideas for a project to be developed during the workshop.

The pace of the workshop being very strong, with from 10 to 12 hours sessions, we highly recommend, to analyze the images taken on the same day, the photographers working with digital, digital SLR pro or semi pro, with one or two Maximum optical (zoom or not) and to equip these optical neutral UV filters.
If they wish trainees will double in film shooting but they will not be taken into account during the internship. In addition, for those who bring their personal computer, it will be essential to bring the Media Pro software (demo version if necessary).

Given a capricious weather which can be (but inspiring ...), it is strongly recommended that participants be equipped with rain gear (jacket and pants waxed discrete), fairly high boots, light hiking boots as well a small backpack.

The limit is 9 participants, selected on form to fill out online.

Deadline for registration is September 14th, 2015.


The workshop’s fare is 1800 €.
This rate includes:
-The fee for workshop participation
- Hotel in Fécamp
- Full board, dinner in the hotel at night and lunch box lunch
- Car rental
- Rental of the boat for the sea trip on the first day

The transport costs to get to Fécamp are not included.

Apply to the Workshop

Magnum Photos reserves the right to cancel the workshop below 7 participants.

Participants will be fully refunded or they will be offered the opportunity to do another workshop with another photographer. In the event of a cancellation, participants will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance. Magnum Photos reserves the right to change or alter the program.
-If a participant decides to cancel its participation in the workshop for different reasons, he must stipulate it by writing to Magnum Photos.
Magnum Photos refund all charges if the registration / participant (e) inform Magnum Photos of the cancellation at least 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop. 100 € will be retained for administrative costs, beyond this limit, Magnum Photos will keep:
.50% Of the cost if cancellation occurs between 6 and 20 days before the beginning of the workshop.
.100% Of the cost if the cancellation is made less than 5 days before the workshop.
All workshops started but could not be finished because of a participant must be paid in full.

Infos & contact

Nicolas Ossard
01 53 42 50 00

The photographer

Jean Gaumy

Born in August 1948 in Pontaillac (Charente-Maritime), he followed his schooling in Toulouse and Aurillac, then make letters studies in Rouen during which he worked as an editor and a freelance photographer in the regional newspaper Paris-Normandie. After a brief presence at the Viva agency, he joined the French agency Gamma in 1973 at the request of Raymond Depardon.

In 1975, he began Hospital, the first of two reports on the long-term issues never again treated in France. L’Hôpital will be published in 1976. The second, Les Incarcérés, realized in 1976 on French prisons will be published in 1983 with extactsc from his diaries written in the first person.

In 1977 he joined Magnum Photos, after he drew on Marc Riboud and Bruno Barbey’s attention to itself during the Rencontres d'Arles in 1976.

In 1984 he directed his first film, La Boucane, nominated in 1986 César for best documentary.
Other films will follow, often award-winning, all broadcast by French and European television.
That same year, he began a cycle of winter shipments aboard trawlers called "classics" that will continue until 1998, leading in 2001 to the publication of the book Pleine Mer.

In 1986, he traveled to Iran in the war with Iraq. He returned regularly until 1997.

In 1987 he directed the film Jean-Jacques where, through the eyes of Jean-Jacques, wrongly considered as the "village idiot", it takes two years of chronic Octeville-sur-Mer town .

In 1994, he made his third film, Marcel, prêtre, turned over several years Raulhac, in Cantal, in the Auvergne.

He received the Prix Nadar in 2001 (he will receive a second time in 2010 for his book , D'Après Nature)
Since 2005, it commits the trails and shooting of the film Sous-Marin for which he spent four months in diving during a mission aboard a nuclear attack submarine.

His many works on human closed session are doubled in recent years to a more contemplative approach to photography. Thus, from 2008, after his last film, he began a photographic reconnaissance work that will lead him from the Arctic seas to the Chernobyl contaminated territories. In parallel, he begins the series of mountain landscapes that will result in the publication of the book D'Après Nature and the creation of the photographic exhibition La Tentation du payasage

In 2010, he returned aboard the newest submarines dedicated to nuclear deterrence and begins his series on the Normandy cliffs.

In 2011 he began a still ongoing project dedicated to Cordouan lighthouse in Gironde.

In early 2012, he joined Fukushima and in then in the Arctic near Grise Fiord (Nunavut) in Ellesmere Land. He finished the year in Kyrgyzstan.

In 2013, he participated in the BBPolar led mission in Spitsbergen by a team of scientists from the CNRS / LEMAR from Brest and then goes to Zackenberg , in the North-East Greenland, in 2014.

He lives in Fécamp, Normandiy, since 1995.