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Werner Bischof 1916-1954
September 14, 2012
by Werner Bischof
The exhibition offers an entire look over the work of Werner Bischof, the well known Swiss photographer, a member of Magnum Photos in the fifties, one of the classics of black and white photography today.

This major retrospective of Swiss photographer Werner Bischof is divided into seven sections:
Zurich 1916-1945; Post-war Europe 1945-1950; India 1951-1952; Japan 1951-1952; Korea 1951-1952; Hong Kong and Indochina 1952; North and South America 1953-1954. It portrays the chief landmarks in Werner Bischof’s artistic work and the successive stages in a career which led him from studio photographer to committed photo journalist. It was as one of the earliest members of the Magnum group of photographers that he won international acclaim.

Museo d'Arte Provincia di Nuoro
via S. Satta, 15
Nuoro 08100

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