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Elliott Erwitt. Human Comedy
June 1, 2015
by Elliott Erwitt
Portait(s) – A photography encounter in Vichy

With Portrait(s), the city of Vichy steps into the world of photography for the third consecutive year. Portrait(s) celebrates the portrait in its every form, from the most classical to the most startling, building on both the tradition of documentary photography and more conceptual or fictional schemes, and thus offering a splendid group of exhibitions.
Vichy Portrait(s) is proud to present a retrospective of about sixty images from over fifty years of work by legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt, who joined Magnum in 1953.

A photographer of the human comedy, Elliott Erwitt is without equal in the way he observes the world and homo sapiens with the roguish, out-of-phase eye that has earned him notoriety. Whether capturing a kiss in a rear-view mirror, Jackie Kennedy in her black funeral veil, or a ravishing anonymous ballerina relaxing in the wings, Erwitt has a sort of empathy with humanity that precludes neither humour nor self-mockery.

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