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"On the Road" Workshop with Nikos Economopoulos in Ethiopia
November 15, 2012
by Nikos Economopoulos
"On the Road" is a series of workshops, combining spontaneous photography with the joy of the journey. They are organized for a limited number of participants, ranging from professional photographers to curious amateurs. Through the selection and discussion of the best images of the day, the participants will work towards developing their own photographic style, and see their overall approach improve each day. The goal of these workshops is to guide the participants through technical, theoretical and aesthetic issues towards developing their own photographic style.

Addis Ababa is a noisy, colorful, vibrant African city, which retains small-town feel despite having 5 million inhabitants.
Among its blend of the old and the new, it has a unique mix of icons from the different strands of its history: imperial statues and colonial monuments to Fascist architecture; hammer-and-sickle placards from a former Marxist regime to high-rise luxury hotels. Although it lacks a traditional city center, it is safe and easy to wander around the famed Mercato, the grandest bazaar in all of Africa.

Participants are welcome to bring portfolios of past work for review.

Dates: March 6-15, 2013

Cost: The nine day long Addis Ababa workshop costs 1.200 euros.
50% deposit is due upon registration, via bank transfer. The remaining fee is paid cin ash the starting day of the workshop.
The cost for “On The Road” workshops varies according to each workshop’s length, and covers workshop fees only.
7-day workshops: 900€, 9-day workshops: 1.200€, 11-day workshops: 1.500€

Workshop location:
The workshops will be taking place at Taitu Hotel in Addis Ababa

Accommodation info:
Accommodations are arranged by workshop participants. We can suggest the names of some recommended hotels. If those hotels are fully booked or do not suit your needs, it is recommended you make alternative arrangements near the Taitu Hotel, for reasons of convenience.

Whatever changes may occur on the workshops schedule would be due to reasons beyond our control, and would not affect confirmed participants without their prior agreement.
Nikos Economopoulos is not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case a workshop is cancelled in case of an emergency. We strongly recommend that you buy refundable air tickets and/or travel insurance.

For further details and booking, please contact Marianna at

2013 workshops:
Thailand, 3-10 Feb (7 days)
Myanmar 11-22 Feb (11 days)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 6-15 Mar (9 days)
Urfa, Turkey 7-14 April (7 days)
Istanbul, Turkey 15-22 April (7 days)
Yazd/Esfahan, Iran 12-23 May (11 days)
Lisbon, Portugal 9-16 June (7 days)
Dublin/Belfast, Ireland 7-16 July (9 days)
Balkan expedition 1-21 Aug (21 days)
Istanbul, Turkey 25 Aug-1 Sept (7 days)
Athens, Greece 8-15 Sept (7 days)
Zanzibar, Tanzania 28 Sept-6 Oct (9 days)
Sicily, Italy 13-20 Oct (7 days)
Varanasi, India 3-10 Nov (7 days)
Mumbai, India 11-18 Nov (7 days)
Havana, Cuba 2-13 Dec (11 days)

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