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Portraits d'Europe 1960-80: Cartier-Bresson - Barbey - Manos - Parr 

April 24, 2017 
by Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson 
<i>Portraits d'Europe 1960-80: Cartier-Bresson - Barbey - Manos - Parr</i>, new show presented at Magnum Photos Gallery, gathers more than fourty iconic photographs captured by four great masters represented by the agency.

The show will take visitors through a sometimes funny, romantic or epic visual journey. France as discovered by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Italy as immortalized by Bruno Barbey, Greece as illustrated by Constantine Manos or England as seen by Martin Parr, all bring together a various and mixed vision of a deeply European painting.

The selection of images is extracted from series published in world famous books: <i>Les Europeens</i> by Cartier Bresson (1955), <i>bad Weather</i> by Martin Parr (1982), <i>a greek portfolio</i> by Costa Manos (1999) and <i>Les Italiens</i> by Bruno Barbey (2002).

<i>Exhibition from 29th April to 31st of May 2017</i>

<b>Portraits of Europa 1960-1980</b>
<b>Magnum Gallery</b>
19 rue Hegesippe Moreau
75018 Paris

Monday to Friday 10-13h and 14 – 18h