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Book- Magnum Streetwise
November 12, 2019
by Magnum Photographers
Magnum Streetwise is an unmissable deep dive through the archive revealing the photographs and practices that have helped define what street photography is and can be. Magnum photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson pioneered ‘modern’ concepts of street photography before the term was even coined. But their influence is far from historic. A rich seam of street photography runs through the heart of Magnum to this day, both in the work of recognised masters of street photography – such as Elliott Erwitt, Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden and Richard Kalvar – and of those who might not even consider themselves street photographers; a continued influence that has not gone unnoticed among the current generation of budding street photographers and fans.

Interleaving insightful texts and anecdotes within an intuitive blend of photographer- and theme-based portfolios, Magnum Streetwise explores not only the work of outstanding photographers but also how common subject matter (places of leisure, marketplaces, travel) and locations (Paris, New York, London and Tokyo) have been addressed, conceptually and practically, across the agency and through the ages.

Magnum Photos · Edited by Stephen McLaren
Published by Thames and Hudson, October 2019
Format: Hardcover.
Size: 24.2 x 19cm
Pages: 384

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