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June 15, 2015 
by Antoine d'Agata 
When I was on the ground, I constantly questioned the usefulness of my presence. I photographed people dying, to show them to those who let them die.
-Antoine d’Agata

Personal odyssey is the focus of this body of photographic and video works by Antoine D’Agata. The French photographer sought out migrants in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia in order to experience, document and understand the often harsh reality of their journeys. In a desperate quest to reach a better life in Europe, many migrants inhabit deteriorating urban landscapes, endure detention centres and slip past ports and borders undetected, fully aware of the danger and illegality of their situation, and nameless to the world.

Odysseia includes:
– Texts by Bruno Le Dantec, Rafael Garido,
– Several words of migrants,
– A text by Antoine d’Agata, Bruno Le Dantec and Rafael Garido based on statistical datas about European immigration.
– Photographs and images from the video recordings.

Format: Hardcover
Size: 16.5 x 21.2 cm
Pages: 192
Publisher: Andre Frere Editions, 2013