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Magnum Caravan Brazil 2016 - #1 Ouro Preto 

January 21, 2016 
Magnum Caravan Brazil is a new programme of workshops, taking place in different locations in Brazil over 2016.

A hybrid workshop, creative retreat, and artist residency, the first location will be Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, from March 29th to April 3rd, 2016 - With Magnum photographers Nikos Econompoulos, Richard Kalvar and Chien-Chi Chang


As one of the world’s most captivating countries Brazil has a rich and diverse landscape offering a wealth of possibilities for photographic exploration. This programme will guide students through exploring urban environments, interrogating the cultural, aesthetic, and political landscape of each location.

Three different Magnum photographers per city will conduct a visually exciting and fun exploration, and experience, into these historical and astonishing Brazil’s iconic and hidden gems. This will be a visually creative journey significant for each location and even more so as the trail extends from one location to the next over time.

Under the command of three Magnum instructors along with the students will explore photography concurrent with their exploration of these cities to combine story telling, the fine tuning of each students identity as an author, and exchanging on the main points of the the industry the development of their careers.
It is certain to be a lifetime educational investment amidst a unique photo adventure in the most enticing and peculiar corners of the Brazil.

Notes: It will opened a scholarship for one student for each class. Unprivileged but talented local photography students/ photographers. It will be sent 12-15 portfolios to
the 3 mentors decide on the 3 scholarships.


Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, a city that stands as a relevant presence of the country's History, the context and references of it’s artistic and cultural heritage, diversity of landscapes, photogenia and Baroque architecture, the meeting between the rescue of tradition, culture, historical symbolism, and progress duee to the presence of the academic core.

The Workshop, for 13 participants max per class, will take place from March 29th to April 3rd, 2016, the week after Easter. Easter is a very special time in Ouro Preto as the town is one of the main pilgrimage sites within Brazil.
Consider coming early to take advantage of the shooting opportunities.

The Course Program
- Introduction to photography as a profession
- Definition of a photographic project
- Daily shooting group sessions
- Individual and group analysis of the day’s work
- Selection of photos with a view to creating a series
- Discussion of possible outlets


The workshop will be centered on street photography, or what I prefer to call “found” photography, since the pictures will be unposed and un-premeditated, but not necessarily taken in the street. The goal will be be to observe and draw from reality to create images that each tell a story on their own. Photographers will spend much of the day shooting, and then we’ll get together the following morning to view an editing of the previous day’s work.

By analyzing the pictures that participants take during the workshop, we’ll try to help each person get closer to his or her instincts, feelings and intentions, and become more sensitive and reactive to the world outside. We will also examine how formal considerations like choice of moment, composition, framing, focus and depth of field enhance or limit the effect of a photograph on other people.


For both amateurs and professional, the workshop is aim to who enjoy combining photography with the joy of the journey. The challenge is to bring out each photographer’s unique glance.

The workshop methodology will be based on editing. During the day, the participants can explore the city and shoot what interests them, and meet up in the evening in order to edit the day's work. The overall plan is designed according to the interests of each participant after the introductory portfolio review. In this way, other than the city itself and the local lives of the people, the focus is geared to the themes that motivate each participant, while and the outcome is shaped through an interactive process.
The participants have the opportunity to see their technique evolve and their overall approach improve day by day.


The intensive workshop is aimed at professionals and serious photography enthusiasts. Every day will be filled with shooting and re-shooting, editing and more editing, critique and more critique. For those who plan to pursue to multimedia, make sure you have most of your video and audio assets ready before the workshop. Photographers will search and research their definite voice. They will define and redefine their vision in picture stories, photo books and/or multimedia.

The final output will dictate how a photographic project is pursued. One can eat, drink and live the project but one way or the other, the camera remains the obstacle that gets in the way from making good and/or great pictures. But it's the only tool. How does a photographer cope with that obstacle? How does a photographer make the tool the extension of his voice and vision? This workshop is to unlearn what you have learned, to decompress and to let go so as to move forward with force and faith.

The workshop will take place at SESI OURO PRETO CENTRO CULTURAL E TURÍSTICO - (Cultural Partner), Praça Tiradentes, 4 - Centro - CEP 35400-000, Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais / Telefone informações: (31) 3551-3637
and at Escola de Minas / UFOP Praca Tiradentes, 20, Centro, Ouro Preto, MG

<b>Tuition Fees</b>

1000euros (does not include travel, accommodations or on-the-ground expenses).

All fees must be paid within 7 days of acceptance or you will forfeit your space. This does not include photo developing, post-production, travel, accommodations or meals.
Refund policies will be emailed with acceptance letter.

- If a participant decides to cancel for whatever reason, it must be confirmed in writing:
. Magnum Photos will reimburse all the registration costs except for €100 administrative fee, if the participant informs Magnum Photos of cancellation at least 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop. Beyond this time limit, Magnum Photos will charge the following:
. 50% of the cost if cancelled between 6 and 20 days before the workshop commences.
. 100% of the cost if cancelled less than 5 days before the workshop commences.
. All workshops that are commenced but not completed through the fault of either the contractor/or participant need to be paid in full.
- Magnum Photos is not responsible for reimbursement of travel expenses in case a workshop is cancelled. We recommend that you buy refundable air tickets and/or travel insurance.

<b>Travel & Accommodation</b>

Participants are expected to make their own arrangements regarding travel and accommodation ; a list of suitable accommodation options will be provided to successful candidates.
The participants can contact Roberta Tavares for Hotels recommendations/ Hotels Partners in Magnum Caravan Brasil- Ouro Preto.

Please ensure you have the necessary travel documents & relevant visas in order to attend the event. Magnum Photos can provide letters of support where necessary.


<a href='' target='_blank'></a> (Click here to apply)

Upon submitting your online application you will be transferred to Paypal where you must submit a 150€ application fee. This will be applied to your tuition fee invoice if you are accepted onto the workshop. The fee will be fully refunded, minus Paypal fees, if you are NOT accepted into the workshop. Applications without a fee will not be processed.

The deadline for acceptance is March 20th, and qualified applicants will be selected through a combination of the merit of their work and their personal statement, and the order of their application's receipt.
All applications received after March 6th will be reviewed, space permitting.

Successful applicants will be informed via email by March 8th. Full payment should be received by March 12th to fully confirm your place.

Please note: Magnum Photos reserves the right to cancel groups with less than 8 participants. Students will be given either a full refund or offered a place with an alternative photographer. In the event of a cancellation, students will be given at least 10 days advance notice.

Magnum Photos reserves the right to change or alter the program advertised.

For queries please contact : R’n’D Productions
Roberta Tavares – Production/Communication/+55 21 9 9332 3344
Daniel Immel – Project Manager/+55 21 9 6822 0614


ESCOLA DE MINAS / UFOP (Local Support)
FIF BH (Production Assistance)