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Korea's DMZ
July 10, 2018
by Moises Saman
In late-March North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Chinese President Xi Jinping and as of early-April, is scheduled to soon meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and in May, with President Trump. Kim has also said that he’s open to discussions concerning denuclearization. Analysts see this activity as a strategy to convince the UN to remove economic sanctions. In addition, cordial relations with the South would make it harder for the US to level new sanctions of their own or threaten military action. This is a big shift in rhetoric: In November, North Korea tested a ballistic missile that could reach any US city.

Korea’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) has served as a stark and menacing reminder of the unresolved Korean conflict that ended with a cease fire in 1953. Though the 160-mile long, 2.5-mile wide border zone is demilitarized, its borders are among the most guarded in the world with both nations being constantly prepared for an outbreak in hostilities. Due to the exceptional nature of the border, it also attracts sightseers.

In late-March, Moises Saman photographed the DMZ and the civilians who live there.

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