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Geography of Poverty
March 13, 2019
by Matt Black
A selection of works from the American photographer’s epic documentation of poverty across the U.S goes on show

Five years in the making, photographer Matt Black’s The Geography of Poverty traces poor places in the United States. Black has traveled over 100,000 miles across 46 states, documenting hundreds of communities of “concentrated poverty,” where more than one in five are poor.
To be poor in America is to live under the shadow of the American Dream and with the stigma of personal failure. Yet there are 40 million people living in poverty in the US -- more people than in California, bigger than Florida and New York combined. As wealth inequality and social divisions deepen across the country, The Geography of Poverty takes a close look at what America is now.

This exhibition is the first presentation of the project in Europe. A selection of more than 20 prints, many of them in large format, offers a panorama of the five cross-country trips made since 2014. An updated map, made by photographer, will demonstrate the scale of the project.

To view Matt Black’s exhibition images click here

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