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Dead Season
October 30, 2017
by Emin Ozmen
Since its rise to power in 2014, the Islamic State has targeted tourist destinations across Europe and throughout the Mediterranean region. The attacks, relatively inexpensive for the self-proclaimed caliphate to carry out, are intended not only to sow fear and project power but also to strike a heavy blow to economies dependent on tourism.
Few economies have been hit harder by this than Turkey’s. In 2014 it played host to 37 million visitors, making it the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world that year. That number has since plummeted in the wake of attacks on its main airport, its historic Sultanahmet district, and Istiklal, a wide pedestrian boulevard; as well as a failed military coup and a political crackdown.
In 2016, Turkey welcomed only 25.3 million tourists, according to the government figures.
Emin Ozmen photographed Turkey’s deserted seaside resorts and ancient ruins that were brimming with tourists just three years earlier.

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