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Making a New Capital: The Development of Amarvati
August 9, 2017
by Max Pinckers
Amravati is a new city that is being built to serve as the capital of recently divided Andhra Pradesh.
Under the direction of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, city planners from Singapore were hired to design a new modern and global city.
The 35.000 acres of land included in this plan mostly lie in very fertile farm lands. Some farmers have already given over their lands and received compensation. But others are opposed to this megalomaniac plan and do not want to forsake the land in which they and their families have worked on for generations for a city that offers no possibilities of livelihood from agricultural activities. Farmer associations fight to keep their lands from being bulldozed into cement highways while the city planners are invested in the advance and development of the new smart city.

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