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News From The 69th Magnum Annual General Meeting 

June 27, 2016 
The 69th Annual General Meeting took place in London at the photographic studios of our venue partner, JJ Locations, between 23-26th June 2016.

The meetings were led by Magnum’s president Martin Parr and Executive Director David Kogan and complemented by a program of public events including a book fair and quiz. The annual Magnum party, hosted by Protein Studios, was supported by The Macallan and Moët & Chandon, alongside an exhibition celebrating the life and work of Peter Marlow, who passed away in February.

During the four days the following membership motions were executed:

• <a href='' target='_blank'>Bieke Depoorter was made a Magnum Member</a>
• <a href='' target='_blank'>Jérôme Sessini was made a Magnum Member</a>
• <a href='' target='_blank'>Diana Markosian was made a Magnum Nominee</a>
• <a href='' target='_blank'>Matt Stuart was made a Magnum Nominee</a>

A note from President, Martin Parr:

“It’s been another hugely exciting year for Magnum. The refocus of the agency led by our Executive Director, David Kogan has manifested in both the launch of our new content-first website and over 20 self-commissioned stories. Another two full Members and two new Nominees mark our commitment to both supporting new talent and expanding the agency.”

A note from Executive Director, David Kogan:

“This year’s AGM marked a significant change for Magnum as we begin to plan our 70th anniversary in 2017. We enjoyed a record-breaking fifth Square print sale prior to the meeting and the soft launch of our new website both realizes our ambitions of becoming a self-publishing entity and proves our investment in Magnum's digital future. The renewed commitment from our photographer members and introduction of two Nominees supports our endeavours over the last year.”

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