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Bruno Barbey. Passages
September 22, 2015
by Bruno Barbey
Seemingly classical in style, Bruno Barbey’s work holds a special place in the recent history of photography. His reportages have been widely distributed in the press and published in the most iconic magazines (Du, Camera, Time, Life, New York Times, London Sunday Times, Stern…); however, they are often overlooked in favor of his famous black-and-white essay from the early 1960s on the Italians, and of the wonderful color photographs he made of his native Morocco. But we should recognize that Bruno Barbey’s unique photographic approach made him a pioneer of photojournalism as well as of color photography.
Jean-Luc Monterosso, Director of the European House of Photography (MEP)

A book will be published by La Martinière (texts: Carole Naggar and Jean-Luc Monterosso).

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