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November 11, 2013
by Bruno Barbey
Panoramics of Morocco
Book on print
Limited Edition

« I’m drawn to Morocco because, I spent my first twelve years there ; I find smells and colours that remind me of my youth. Morocco is special to me because of my attachement to its people and its extraordinary cultural heritage ».
-Bruno Barbey

Bruno Barbey has always contrasted a versatility of technique with consistency of theme, using photography to reveal the subtle complexities of life in countries all over the world. Throughout Barbey’s travels, however, one constant remains- his love for and fascination with Morocco, his homeland. His photographs of Fez, the city that Anaïs Nin likened to the inside of a brain, capture perfectly its labyrinthine quality. Elsewhere, he focuses on the yellow ochre and burnt umber tones of the towns and rural areas to create colour-drenched, strongly graphic images rendered dazzling by Morocco’s scorching light.

Morocco is a complex country beneath her serene countenance, something Bruno Barbey Knows instinctively and his work respects. His unique empathy for the place and her people is beatifully expressed in his photographs.
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