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Women with Binoculars
March 20, 2019
by Magnum Photographers
The streets of Biel play host to an open air exhibition
The open-air exhibition Women with Binoculars
presents a curation of images by seven Magnum
photographers: Carolyn Drake, Diana Markosian,
Peter Marlow,
Martin Parr, Mark Power, Peter van Agtmael and
Alex Webb. This series, newly assembled by curator
Enrique Muñoz García, shows women who are
using binoculars to look at something taking place
outside the frame. The presence of binoculars in the
images tends to render the photographed women
anonymous, and lets them be both the subject of the
image and the agent. While the act of pointing one’s
binoculars at something and visually tracking one’s
target evokes surveillance, visual control, or military
espionage – that is, actions
often associated with the male gender – this new
collection of photographs invites us to rethink the
social and political role of women in our system of