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Magnum Photos presents: A workshop with Olivia Arthur
March 24, 2014
by Olivia Arthur
25th – 27th March 2014

Magnum Photos & Katara Cultural Village present a free photographic workshop led by Olivia Arthur.

"For the workshop we will learn about how to make photographs around a theme and how to tell stories with photography.

Participants on the workshop will make photographs on their own and as part of the group and each one will choose which subject they would like to follow.

In advance of the workshop, I would like to set an assignment so that we can come together with some ideas ready. I would like everyone to think about the theme of 'courage' and how it relates to you or someone you know.

What have you or someone you know done that takes a lot of courage?
How does it feel?
How did you overcome a challenge?

Try to think of a particular instance. If you can, take a couple of pictures so that we can look at as well as talk about the ideas when you come for the workshop. At the beginning of the workshop I will show a slideshow of inspiring work to help get you started. And I will then guide you to make pictures around the theme."

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1: Introductions of all participants. Presentation by Olivia of work on the theme of ‘Challenge’. Participants introduce their story ideas, show the pictures they have made for the brief. Group discussion of ideas that students can work on for the workshop. Outing all together to take pictures and discuss any technical questions the students have.

Day 2: Morning session students go on their own to make pictures. Afternoon session: everyone presents the work they have made the previous evening and in the morning session. Discussion of each student’s work one by one. Talk about what has been successful, what are the problems to tackle. Presentation by Olivia of her own work from Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Day 3: Morning session students to make final pictures to complete their series. Olivia is available to help students who need it. Afternoon session: Presentation by Olivia on the process of editing and how it can shape a body of work. Editing of each of the students work to make a concise story/series. Presentation of the final work all together. Presentation by Olivia about possible next steps for the students to take and avenues that they can take their work to.

Interested photographers should express interest of attendance to Sa’id Costa: