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Protests Popping Up All Over...
December 24, 2013
by John Vink
Cambodia might be on the eve of some big changes.

Protests are popping all over the place and it becomes increasingly difficult to cover all of them. While the opposition CNRP held yet another motorcade in Phnom Penh with the continuous demand that Prime Minister Hun Sen step down, a group of monks from the Independent Monks Network blocked Monivong Boulevard in front of the Municipality to demand apologies from the authorities for the violence put upon them the previous day and morning, warmly applauded by a small crowd of bystanders. A group of some 3-400 workers went on strike after the government announced a salary increase of 15$ instead of the requested 80$ (which would effectively double their current monthly wages) and roamed Road Nr 2 in Chak Angré to pull co-workers from other factories out in the street. The same went on on road nr 4.

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