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Day 3 of a 3 day CNRP mass protest...
October 25, 2013
by John Vink
It was marching time again on this third day of the CNRP protest in Phnom Penh. Shuffling at a brisk pace through the overheated streets of Phnom Penh, thousands of CNRP supporters cheerfully followed Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, co-Presidents of the oppostion CNRP, on their bid to deliver a notice to several embassies (Australia, Russia, Japan, Indonesia and China) that a petition signed by over 2 million people demanding justice for the voters having suffered irregularities during the 2013 legislative elections had been handed over to the UN Human Rights office. People along the road offered water, condensed milk or the possibility to use their toilet to the marchers. A very large number of the marchers were '6000 Riel-per-day people' who were left on the sideline of Cambodia's 7% economic growth.

By the time the afternoon got by, the marches had been marched, the speeches were spoken, the voices of the 6000 Riel-a-day people had been heard, the connection between people from the various provinces was warm and heartening. Those who were there during these three days will remember...

There was no violence, not even provocation. Order was maintained, even if the 20K crowd was big to handle.

Now it is back to the negotiations with the ruling CPP. What has been achieved? One thing is for sure: support for the CNRP goes on unabated. Story ongoing...

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