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Tokyo Skytree
January 18, 2013
by Chris Steele-Perkins
The height of the Tokyo Skytree was originally approximated at 610m. However, from the beginning, the plan was to have the SkyTree exist as the world's tallest freestanding broadcast tower. So, after deliberate research on the competition -- the other high-rise structures being built around the world -- it was finally decided that the tower would stand at 634m so it could hold the Guinness World Record as the world's tallest tower, beating the Canton tower in China.

The world's tallest structure is Dubai's Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 metres (2,717ft), but that is in a different category because it is classified as a skyscraper – habitable and designed for commercial use.

The Skytree will serve as a broadcast tower for television and radio, as well a tourist attraction. It replaces the 333m tall (1,092.5ft) Tokyo tower – a symbol of Japan's economy since 1958 – as the broadcast hub.

The project was completed on 29 February 2012, with the tower opening to the public on 22 May 2012.