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Trial Day Again...
December 26, 2012
by John Vink
The trial of Tim Sakmony (from the Borei Keila community) and Yorm Bopha (from the Boeung Kak Lake community) took place at the Phnom penh Municipal Court this afternoon, with some 250 supporters facing the police at one end of the blocked road. Both accused spent more than 114 days in pre-detention and were declared 'Prisoners of Conscience' by Amnesty International. The accusations against both women are indeed widely regarded by Human Rights organisation as a pretext to muzzle the women who were very active in protesting their eviction in Borei Keila (see here) and Boeung Kak Lake (see here and here) .

The area was cordoned off by the police. A demonstration of 'moto dup' supporting the plaintiff, a motorcycle driver allegedly beaten up by Yorm Bopha, was held by some 150 people at one end of the street after they received their free meal.

As of this posting there was no verdict.

This is a follow-up post on the 'Quest for Land' story which is available as an iApp on iTunes.

Edited at 20:44 and according to Nora Lindström: Sakmony found guilty. But suspended sentences starting today means she will be released. Community outside court is jubilant but getting ready for the resumption of bopha's trial tomorrow at 8am...