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Connecting Dots...
January 22, 2013
by John Vink
It doesn't happen often, but once in a while I get a reaction on some of my photographs decades after they were taken. It can be a man who recognizes himself with one of his ex-girlfriends or future wife and who will ask for a print of that photograph. It can be a Kurd who years later is remembered the hardships he had to endure in the internally displaced camps in Iraq (see here). Or it can be a Romanian refugee I followed for several days in Budapest (see here), who ended up running a gym in California, and who wants to write a book about his fate. Or, just a few days ago, it can be a woman who finally sees some images of what her father went through when he was shot at when staying in a Honduran refugee camp (see here), a story she only had heard about.

Photographs connect dots, lift veils, blow away fog. Photographs have a stronger life after they were taken than we can imagine.