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April 16, 2013
by Stuart Franklin
Here I am again with the perennial problem of closure. You get started on a project, find a publisher, watch the pages come off the press, and then - guess what - you go back and carry on shooting. On the same project!! This has happened at least twice to me before. I published "The Time of Trees" in 1999 and am still working on this book, even last week. I published "Hotel Afrique" in 2007 and am still adding to this book. Now it's 2013 "Narcissus" is being launched today in the Magnum Print Room - published by Hatje Cantz - and again I am continuing with the project. Subjects that fascinate me continue to lure me, and so I guess the closure problem will always be there. The images I am posting are the book's cover and an alternative ending - shot two days ago. Closure at last.