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Alessandra and Bruce, Back in Miami
March 15, 2013
During the eight weeks surrounding the 2012 American presidential election, eleven Magnum photographers gathered in Florida -- the key "swing state" in the 2008 election -- for the fourth installment of the Postcards From America project. Armed with Leica gear, the photographers worked independently, but found themselves circling around common thematic threads: "The stunning number of disenfranchised voters in Florida, the complicated processes through which realms of inclusion and exclusion are defined there, the difficulty of initially discerning deep political and philosophical divides among neighbors." The "magazine," Swap Shop, is the resulting publication.

Among the group were Bruce Gilden and Alessandra Sanguinetti, who are returning to Florida next week to give lectures at the grand opening of Leica's new store in Miami. On the March 22nd, from 6pm-8pm, Alessandra will speak about her work and sign books, and on March 23rd, from 6pm-8pm, Bruce will do the same. Work from the entire Postcards IV project will be on display in the store's gallery

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