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The Mice Were Dancing...
March 16, 2013
by John Vink
There is supposed to be a photograph of the deceased Ieng Sary with this post but the upload system is not functioning right now... I hope your imagination is.

OK: 72 hours later it is fixed now.

So I turn my back for just a couple of days, working far from Phnom Penh on the 'Three Rivers Dams' project (see here) and then this happens: 1/ the authorities destroy the shacks of 12 Borei Keila families (see what they went through before that here). 2/ Mam Sonando goes free, albeit conditionally (see his trial here). 3/ Ieng Sary, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Khmer Rouge, one of the accused being tried at the ECCC passes away...

It doesn't take much to miss an opportunity to follow-up on a story it seems... When the cat is gone the mice are dancing.

At least Ieng Sary didn't die a free person.

And with his death the relevance of '30 Years for a Trial', my e-book about Duch's trial (available at the iBookstore on iTunes here) just increased as the chances of seeing more Khmer Rouge leaders being sentenced has just taken another blow.