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NEW WORKSHOP: Day of the Dead Workshop with David Alan Harvey
February 4, 2013
by David Alan Harvey
I am often asked by many, who assume that I have been “all over the world”, to please name my favorite “place”. The “where would you go on your vacation?” or “where would you shoot on your own” question… Certainly right up at the top would be my beloved Oaxaca, Mexico. I shot there for many months while working on a National Geographic story “Song of Oaxaca”. Much of the work from this story was part of the portfolio that allowed me to become a Magnum nominee in 1993. Oaxaca has a special place in my heart. Mexico in general, but Oaxaca in particular.

This is the 4th year of the Day of the Dead workshop. This eight-day workshop is longer than most that I teach. It was designed this way so that participants will have a chance to photograph the preparations, traditions and processions surrounding the Day of the Dead tradition and also have time to document the everyday life of the streets in Oaxaca and the surrounding valleys.

You will be pushed to your limits if you join me. There are always days of frustration in my classes… not every day is a happy day. You should know going in that my intent is to take you from where you are as a photographer to your logical or aesthetic “next step” with the emphasis on becoming an essayist and communicating with true “visual literacy”. I will do this with group critique and “one on one” discussions… our collaborative “final product” is an audio/music track slide show with each of you up on the screen as authors… your name, your title, and in front of an assembled audience from the local art community and special guests… at that moment, that very moment, you will forget the blood and the sweat from the days before.

Join us for a creative exercise and psychologically uplifting way of looking at your work. I welcome all styles of photographers from the journalistic to the conceptual.



October 28 – November 5, 2013

Where: Oaxaca, Mexico

Tuition: $3,000

**This workshop is designed for all levels of photography and is the only workshop offered where David shoots alongside students in the field.

To apply, please submit a portfolio (a link to your website is preferred) as well as a brief description of yourself and where you are as a photographer.

Workshop contact: