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England, My England
May 6, 2013
Finally, Chris Steele-Perkins' book - England, My England - gets proper North American distribution.

Here is a small sample from the 40 years of work crammed into the book. Now you can go out and buy it.

Some Reviews

"The English at work and at play over the last four decades. By turns gritty and evocative, it is a book one imagines that Orwell would have liked very much."
- The Guardian, Photobooks of the Year

"It captures the little triumphs and larger miseries of the lives of ordinary people - the poor and the upwardly mobile, the idle and the abandoned."
- New Statesman

"These are wonderful images, showing just how revealing the lives of ordinary people, doing day-to-day things can be. They are glimpses of a country in doubt, sometimes in pain, but full of an indomitable spirit."
- Michael Palin

“A journey through a life in photography where every page takes the viewer in a new direction.”
- Phil Coomes, BBC News Website.