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The 66th AGM Results
July 1, 2013
The Magnum Photos AGM takes place every year in late June, bringing together Magnum’s members, photographer estates and the agency’s international staff to discuss company business and vote on potential new members, associates and nominees. This year, Magnum Photos is pleased to announce:

Olivia Arthur and Peter Van Agtmael, who joined the agency as nominees in 2008, have been voted in as full members.

Michael Christopher Brown has been voted in as a nominee.

Alex Majoli will remain president of Magnum Photos.

The AGM took place in London, with the meetings hosted at the headquarters of Magnum’s educational partner, IdeasTap. Business discussed included Magnum’s digital strategy, publishing program, key partnerships, commissions and archive projects for the year ahead.

Alongside the meetings, Magnum photographers and staff participated in a series of educational events for IdeasTap, a charity that supports creative young people through opportunities, funding, arts jobs and career advice. Members and staff participated in portfolio reviews and a symposium was held on the future of Magnum Photos.

The AGM party took place at Home House and coincided with the launch of a range of new framed works with YOOX Art. In addition to the framed prints, six selected Magnum photographers took over YOOX’s Instagram feed during the AGM, uploading photos of their experience in London over the three-day period. Followers had the opportunity to see London through the eyes of Magnum photographers Jonas Bendiksen, Christopher Anderson, Peter Van Agtmael, Chris Steele-Perkins, Dominic Nahr and Thomas Dworzak.

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